Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.


Sierra Olympic has a wide array of thermal cameras, cores, and zoom modules that are ideal for integration partners.  

Designed with Integrators in mind, these products are easy to integrate, easy to use, and are designed to fit unique market needs.  With products available for virtually every industry application, Sierra Olympic will deliver unrivaled value and performance for your OEM needs.  Addressing all infrared wavelengths in SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR, Sierra-Olympic has developed comprehensive expertise and tools for the evaluation and integration of thermal imaging zoom lenses.


Revolutionary Uncooled Thermal Cores

  • High-resolution 640 x 512 array
  • LWIR detection at 60 fps
  • 10-micron pixel pitch Vanadium Oxide (VOx)


Uncooled LWIR Thermal Cores for Integration

  • SWaP (size, weight & power) Optimized
  • Thermal Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE)
  • Easy to Export

Tamarisk® Precision

Uncooled LWIR Thermography Cores for Integration

  • SWaP (size, weight & power) Optimized
  • Analog and Digital Output
  • Raw, Uncompressed Thermographic Data

Ventus OGI

Optical Gas Imaging Camera Cores

  • 15 micron HOT MWIR detector
  • OGI Optimized lens
  • Adaptive contrast enhancement
  • Low SWaP at 475g and less than 150mm
  • Onboard storage

Ventus 275, 700

Mid-range Continuous Zoom MWIR Cameras

  • Continuous Zoom
  • One-touch Autofocus
  • Advanced Image Processing
  • MWIR 19-275mm, 48-700mm F5.5

Ventus 300, 690, 900

Mid-range Continuous Zoom MWIR Camera

  • Continuous Zoom
  • One-touch Autofocus
  • Advanced Image Processing
  • MWIR 15-300mm, 35-690mm, 45-900mm F4

Vinden LR

Long-range Continuous Zoom LWIR Cameras

  • 25-150mm, 25-225mm, or 40-300mm
  • 12-µm 640 x 480 Thermal Cores
  • Autofocus, H.264 IP, Advanced Processing

Vinden 75LR

Compact Continuous Zoom LWIR Camera

  • Unmatched SWaP-C (size, weight, power & cost)
  • 12-µm 640x480 resolution Thermal Cores 
  • Autofocus, H.264 IP, Advanced Processing

Vinden Core

Uncooled Thermal LWIR Zoom Cameras

  • Highly Parfocal and Precise Optics
  • Minimal Configuration for Integration
  • Simple Interfaces (Analog/Serial)


Cooled Thermal MWIR Zoom Cameras for Integration

  • Continuous Zoom Cooled Thermal
  • High Reliability - 2 year warranty
  • IP67 Rated 


Uncooled Thermal LWIR Cameras with Gigabit Ethernet

  • Minimal Configuration for Integration
  • GigE Vision and PoE Interfaces 
  • Wide Variety of Lens Options

Ventus Micro

HOT MWIR Camera 640 x 512 format

  • 10 micron pixel pitch detector
  • Long linear cooler life
  • 10x Continuous optical zoom with autofocus
  • Simultaneous analog/digital output
  • Low SWaP at 900g and less than 125mm
  • On-board digital storage