Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.

Lab & Research

Sierra Olympic provides products with easy to use standard interfaces that allow research professionals to acquire full fidelity uncompressed analog and digital video and data.

From market-leading DRS Tamarisk thermal cores that provide superior performance in a size, weight, and power (SWaP) optimized package to IR Cameras 800 series cameras that offer the ultimate in flexibility for research scientists needing the perfect instrument for prototyping system development or situations where application requirements may change, Sierra Olympic has a wide range of cameras for your needs.  Whether you require precise temperature measurement, low latency imaging or just a quick turnkey option for your lab we can help identify the right solution.


Revolutionary Uncooled Thermal Cores

  • High-resolution 640 x 512 array
  • LWIR detection at 60 fps
  • 10-micron pixel pitch Vanadium Oxide (VOx)


Uncooled LWIR Thermal Cores for Integration

  • SWaP (size, weight & power) Optimized
  • Thermal Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE)
  • Easy to Export

Jenoptik IR-TCM

Advanced Uncooled LWIR Radiometry Cameras

• Highly Precise Temperature Measurement
• Powerful Thermography Software
• IP67 Rated Enclosure


High Definition Wide Dynamic Range Short-wave (SWIR) Cameras

  • SWaP Optimized
  • Low Latency Imaging
  • Extended Spectral Range (0.5 -1.7µm)

Viento Standard

Uncooled Turnkey Thermal LWIR Cameras

  • Turnkey, Easy-to-Use Operation
  • Analog or CameraLink Video Output
  • Wide Variety of Lens Options


Uncooled Thermal LWIR Cameras with Gigabit Ethernet

  • Minimal Configuration for Integration
  • GigE Vision and PoE Interfaces 
  • Wide Variety of Lens Options