Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.


Sierra Olympic offers a variety of LWIR products from OEM cameras and components to full turn-key multi-sensor PTZ systems. 

Long wave infrared cameras (LWIR) provide the benefit of round-the-clock imaging while maintaining a low size, weight, power, and cost (SWAP-C) as compared to MWIR imagers.  These cameras excel as all-around day/night security cameras, at ambient temperature thermography, and outdoor surveillance applications.  With a wide variety of uses and applications, Sierra Olympic has LWIR options to fit your needs and budget.


Uncooled LWIR Thermal Cores for Integration

  • SWaP (size, weight & power) Optimized
  • Thermal Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE)
  • Easy to Export

Tamarisk® Precision

Uncooled LWIR Thermography Cores for Integration

  • SWaP (size, weight & power) Optimized
  • Analog and Digital Output
  • Raw, Uncompressed Thermographic Data


Revolutionary Uncooled Thermal Cores

  • High-resolution 640 x 512 array
  • LWIR detection at 60 fps
  • 10-micron pixel pitch Vanadium Oxide (VOx)

Vayu HD

Uncooled 1080p HD Thermal LWIR Cameras

  • High Resolution 1920 x 1200 Image Sensor
  • H.264 IP, HD-SDI, and CameraLink Video 
  • Advanced Image Processing & Stabilization

Viento Standard

Uncooled Turnkey Thermal LWIR Cameras

  • Turnkey, Easy-to-Use Operation
  • Analog or CameraLink Video Output
  • Wide Variety of Lens Options

Viento 67

Outdoor Rated LWIR Cameras

  • Easy-to-Use and Operate
  • Analog and CameraLink Output
  • IP67 Outdoor Rated


Uncooled Thermal LWIR Cameras with Gigabit Ethernet

  • Minimal Configuration for Integration
  • GigE Vision and PoE Interfaces 
  • Wide Variety of Lens Options


Uncooled LWIR Thermography Cameras

  • High Value, Low-Cost Thermography
  • Powerful Thermography Software
  • GigE Vision and PoE Power Interfaces

Vinden 75LR

Compact Continuous Zoom LWIR Camera

  • Unmatched SWaP-C (size, weight, power & cost)
  • 12-µm 640x480 resolution Thermal Cores 
  • Autofocus, H.264 IP, Advanced Processing

Vinden LR

Long-range Continuous Zoom LWIR Cameras

  • 25-150mm, 25-225mm, or 40-300mm
  • 12-µm 640 x 480 Thermal Cores
  • Autofocus, H.264 IP, Advanced Processing

Vinden Core

Uncooled Thermal LWIR Zoom Cameras

  • Highly Parfocal and Precise Optics
  • Minimal Configuration for Integration
  • Simple Interfaces (Analog/Serial)

Tamron Lenses

Lenses for LWIR Cameras

• Highly Parfocal and Precise Optics
• SWaP Optimized
• Open OEM Configuration


Thermal / Visible Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras 

• Thermal and Visible Zoom Optics
• Up to 5km Thermal Detection Range
• High Performance vs. Cost


Thermal / Visible Pan and Tilt Cameras 

• Visible Zoom Optics
• Fixed Thermal Optics
• Wide Area Situational Awareness