Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.


Sierra Olympic provides advanced MWIR cameras for use in a variety of applications from long-range surveillance to lab and research applications.

Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR) cameras provide very high sensitivity and contrast with low background noise and are ideal for round-the-clock imaging at extremely long ranges, high-temperature radiometry, and scientific research.  With options well suited for marine and high humidity environments and rugged outdoor conditions, MWIR options excel at long range surveillance such as airport perimeter security, vessel traffic monitoring and critical infrastructure protection.  MWIR products are also ideal for the lab, offering researchers and scientists the ultimate in flexibility as well as fulfilling the most precise testing requirements through unmatched sensitivity, ultra-low noise, no blooming/crosstalk and accurate temperature measurement. 

Ventus Compact

Advanced MWIR Camera Cores

  • 15 micron HOT MWIR detector
  • 'NUC Through Zoom' calibration
  • Scene-based/External Flat Field Correction
  • Low SWaP applications

Ventus OGI

Optical Gas Imaging Camera Cores

  • 15 micron HOT MWIR detector
  • OGI Optimized lens
  • Adaptive contrast enhancement
  • Low SWaP at 542g and less than 150mm
  • Onboard storage

Ventus 275, 700

Mid-range Continuous Zoom MWIR Cameras

  • Continuous Zoom
  • One-touch Autofocus
  • Advanced Image Processing
  • MWIR 19-275mm, 48-700mm F5.5

Ventus 300, 690, 900

Mid-range Continuous Zoom MWIR Camera

  • Continuous Zoom
  • One-touch Autofocus
  • Advanced Image Processing
  • MWIR 15-300mm, 35-690mm, 45-900mm F4


Cooled Thermal MWIR Zoom Cameras for Integration

  • Continuous Zoom Cooled Thermal
  • High Reliability - 2 year warranty
  • IP67 Rated