Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.


Jenoptik IR-TCM

Advanced MWIR Cooled Thermography Cameras

• Highly Precise Temperature Measurement
• Powerful Thermography Software
• IP67 Rated Enclosure

IR Cameras MWIR

Advanced Mid-wave (MWIR) Cooled Cameras

• Highly Configurable
• High Frame & Windowing
• Unmatched Sensitivity & Low-noise


Thermal / Visible Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras 

• Thermal and Visible Zoom Optics
• Up to 5km Thermal Detection Range
• High Performance vs. Cost


Cooled Thermal MWIR Zoom Cameras for Integration

  • Continuous Zoom Cooled Thermal
  • High Reliability - 2 year warranty
  • IP67 Rated