Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.


Sierra Olympic can provide both high quality, high-performance thermography cameras and low cost, value optimized thermography cameras and cores for use in all manner of temperature measurement applications.

Sierra Olympic Cameras are ideal for process monitoring and automation applications, electrical and mechanical test & measurement, medical diagnostics & screening, general scientific research, and thermography & radiometry applications such as fire detection and building inspection.

Tamarisk® Precision

Uncooled LWIR Thermography Cores for Integration

  • SWaP (size, weight & power) Optimized
  • Analog and Digital Output
  • Raw, Uncompressed Thermographic Data

Jenoptik IR-TCM

Advanced Uncooled LWIR Radiometry Cameras

• Highly Precise Temperature Measurement
• Powerful Thermography Software
• IP67 Rated Enclosure


Uncooled LWIR Thermography Cameras

  • High Value, Low-Cost Thermography
  • Powerful Thermography Software
  • GigE Vision and PoE Power Interfaces