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Ventus OGI featured as an ideal MWIR Camera for gas leak detection


The Ventus OGI by Sierra Olympic is turning heads as an innovative standout in the use of MWIR Cameras to detect and visualize hydrocarbon gas leaks.  Ideal for use in the Oil and Gas Industries, the Ventus OGI (Optical Gas Imaging) camera core brings together the very latest in detector, cooler and lens design for optimizing the detection and visualizing of hydrocarbon gas leaks.  Its state-of-the-art components make it the smallest, lightest and lowest powered OGI camera available today.  

AZoSensors says, "The Ventus OGI camera is revolutionary in terms of the manufacture of MWIR cameras. It is the most delicate, light in weight, and power efficient OGI camera that is available to purchase. It weighs 580 grams with a lens, and its size is 146.6 x 70.9 x 73.1 mm." 

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