Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.

New Imaging Technology (NIT)

WDR SWIR InGaAs Cameras and Modules

NIT’s SWIR cameras are based upon a proprietary Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) RIOC and sensor technology offering greater than 140dB in a single snapshot without dual shot techniques. This unique ROIC technology offers benefits found in no other cameras for any SWIR imaging application with lasers and moderate illumination. These commercial cameras are available with ITAR restrictions, and are offered in either USB or CameraLink™ versions.

NIT Features

System Features
  • Resolution 640x512x15μm or 320x256x25μm
  • Snapshot InGaAs sensor covering 0.9 – 1.7 μm
  • Power consumption <1.5W
Flexible & Convenient
  • WiDy SWIR cameras are ITAR-free, ECCN 6A003
  • Delivered calibrated with software & cables
  • Available in Compact or Smart Version
User Friendly
  • Compatible with different interfaces
  • Digital versions delivered with full software development kit
  • Operates on Microsoft Windows

Camera Models

  • NIT


About NIT

New Imaging Technologies (NIT) designs and manufactures imaging sensors and cameras which include smart sensor features and wide dynamic range. A proprietary HMI (WiDyVISION, WiDyCIRENE) delivers advanced image processing including NUC, BPR, Image Enhancement, Zoom and more while a unique & patented pixel technology provides intrinsic high dynamic range response and no noticeable fixed pattern noise.

Export Regulations

The NIT WiDy SWIR products available on this page are ITAR-free, ECCN 6A003, for easy export to virtually any customer worldwide, exportable outside ITAR controls. Cameras which have frame rates >9 Hz generally do require a US Department of Commerce license, except for those countries and applications that qualify for the STA exemption. Please see our Regulations page for more detail.