Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.


Rugged visible/illuminator/thermal video PT camera systems for 24/7 surveillance

The Oculus by Silent Sentinel incorporates continuous zoom visible imagers, visible imagers with illuminators, and visible/thermal camera combinations. Each system features the very best visible camera technology combined with overt/covert illumination, or thermal imaging, for extended day and nighttime surveillance tasks. Built to survive the rigors of continuous outdoor use, these units are delivered as sealed imaging units ready for installation with your current video surveillance system.

Oculus Features

Multiple Video Options
  • HD Video, IP Video or HD-SDI
  • Video and ultra low light video
  • Simultaneous video and thermal outputs
Electronics & Software
  • Built-in illuminator option
  • Industry leading 17μm thermal technology
  • Optical encoders for accurate positioning and repeatability
Mechanical Features
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Rugged, weatherproof, IP67 protection
  • 360° Continuous rotation

Camera Models



The Oculus models can be mounted upright or inverted, and the yoke can be offset to eliminate blindspots through a full 360 degrees of rotation. Mounting accessories are available to suit standard mounting platforms.

Export Regulations

The products on this page fall under US Export Laws known as EAR, Export Administration Regulations. The products are controlled items regulated by the Bureau of Industrial Security that might require a license for export. We offer 9 Hz cameras which generally do not require a license for non-military end-use when exported to almost all countries. Cameras which have frame rates >9 Hz generally do require a US Department of Commerce license, except for those countries and applications that qualify for the STA exemption. Please see our Regulations page for more detail.