Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.

Products By Application


Sierra Olympic provides the latest thermal core technology with high sensitivity, low noise, small pixel size, and high resolution for use in SOTI products and for custom designed partner products.


Sierra Olympic has a wide array of thermal cameras, cores, and zoom modules that are ideal for integration partners.  SOTI products are designed to be easy to integrate and easy to use and are designed to fit unique market needs.


Sierra Olympic and partner products are available that meet the challenge of rugged outdoor environments and provide high-performance day and nighttime imaging.


Various products are available with easy to use standard interfaces that allow research professionals to acquire full fidelity uncompressed analog and digital video and data.


Sierra Olympic can provide both high quality, high-performance thermography cameras and low cost, value optimized thermography cameras and cores for use in all manner of temperature measurement applications.


Sierra Olympic is a pioneer in high definition, small pixel thermal imaging products that are ideal for wide area surveillance, maritime, and airborne reconnaissance tasks.


Long wave infrared cameras (LWIR) provide the benefit of round-the-clock imaging while maintaining a low size, weight, power, and cost (SWAP-C) as compared to MWIR imagers.  These cameras excel as all-around day/night security cameras, at ambient temperature thermography, and outdoor surveillance applications.


Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR) cameras provide very high sensitivity and contrast with low background noise and are ideal for round-the-clock imaging at extremely long ranges, high temperature radiometry, and scientific research.


Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) cameras area ideal for outdoor surveillance applications requiring imaging in low light, for seeing through fog or smoke.  SWIR cameras can also excel at material inspection or laser detection applications.  Sierra Olympic provides high sensitivity SWIR camera systems and Wide Dynamic Range SWIR camera systems.