Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.


Mid Wave IRC900

The IRC900 Series cameras provide high thermal sensitivity and spatial resolution in a compact package suitable for laboratory and field use. Developed using closed cycle stirling coolers these cameras offer the highest full frame rates and shortest integration times in the industry.  

Utilizing the latest in all digital FPA Technology, the IRC900 Series offers unmatched sensitivity, ultra-low noise, no blooming and no cross talk.


Providing superior resolution, the IRC900 Series scientific cameras are unmatched in sensitivity, ultralow noise and no crosstalk.

The IRC900 Series is based on a closed cycle Stirling cooled sensor engine. Users can quickly and easily vary integration time, frame rate and window size. With a choice of sensor formats and customized Dewar configurations, the IRC900 Series offers customers easy integration and customization for personalized applications.

Providing multiple outputs, users can view imagery directly from the IRC900 Series cameras using HDMI, and acquire and display digital data via Camera Link and GigE. Optional GPS allows users to geolocate the camera, and an optional four position filter wheel provides the ability to select sub-bands for spectrally dependent applications.

Software options include WinIRC and a software developers kit to allow the user to acquire, display and analyze data from the IRC900 series cameras.

  • Choice of Stirling cooled InSb sensors
  • <1 μm to >5 μm spectral range
  • 14-bit digital output
  • SuperFraming for extended dynamic range
  • Motorized four position filter wheel option
  • High frame rates & windowing


Printed Circuit Board Inspection

  • Detect Overheated Components
  • Detect Opens and/or Shorts
  • Detect defective power supplies

Chemical Analysis

  • Precise testing
  • Process analysis

High Speed Range Testing

  • Capture fast moving objects such as jets, rockets & weapons firing
  • Explosives testing
  • Thermal impact testing


Pixel Pitch
Frame Rate
Well Capacity
640 x 512
20 μm
119 Hz
18 mK
7 M
99.8 %
640 x 512
12 μm
475 Hz
30 mK
2 M
99.6 %
640 x 512
20 μm
120 Hz
7 M
640 x 512
20 micron
475 Hz
< 35 mK @ 30°C
7 M
> 98%
1024 x 1024
25 μm
76 Hz
18 mK
10 M
99.6 %
1280 x 1024
12 μm
119 Hz
30 mK
2 M
99.6 %
IRC912 nBn
1280 x 1024
12 μm
119 Hz
<35 mK
2 M
1280 x 1024
12 μm
119 Hz
2 M


Detector type Indium Antimonide (InSb)
Spectral response <1.0 μm to 5.3 μm
Resolutuion Varies by model, see models table
Pixel Pitch Varies by model, see models table
Imaging Electronics
Image Data Stamp Optional IRIG, GPS with on-board receiver
Frame rate Varies by model, see models table
Integration time <150 ns to full frame
Dynamic range 14-bit w/ 13-bit option to increase frame rate at small window sizes
Windowing User defined in 4 x 1 incr ements; min width = 320, min height = 32
Integration type Snapshot, automatic selection of integrate while r ead or integrate then read
Ultra low latency sync Sync I/O, integration out
Image data Simultaneous CameraLink, GigE & HDMI
Communications Serial over Camera Link & GigE
Software control Cross platform GenICam compliant
Non uniformity correction up to 12 on board tables
NEdT Varies by model, see models table
Well capacity (electrons) Varies by model, see models table
Operability Varies by model, see models table
Camera f/# f/2.3, & f/4.0 standard; custom cold shields available
Cold filter 3.0-5.0 μm or no cold filter standard, SWIR, CO2 or custom filters available
Lens mount Bayonet for IRC906, IRC906HS, IRC912 | Bolt hole pattern for IRC910
Optional filter wheel Motorized 4 position cold filter wheel; 25.4 mm diameter x 1. 0 mm thick filters
Power @ 24 VDC 20W - IRC906 | 25W - IRC906HS | 35W - IRC910 | 28W - IRC912
System weight <7 pounds for IRC906, IRC906HS, IRC912 | <10 pounds for IRC910
Size 5.1"x5.8"x8" for IRC906, IRC906HS, IRC912 | 6"x6"x9" for IRC910
Operating temperature range -40° C to +55° C (-40° F to +131° F)
Storage temperature range -55° C to +80° C (-67° F to +176° F)
Environmental rating IP-51
Mounting holes 2x 1/4-20 & 4x #10-24