Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.


Short-Medium range fixed surveillance thermal and visible cameras

The Jaegar is a ready-to-go single mast surveillance platform, ideal for short to medium range surveillance applications. Featuring a through hole shaft for radar application, 360° rotation, large camera capability and flexible mounting options.


The Jeager is a ready to go single mast surveillance platform, ideal for short to medium range surveillance applications.  The addition of a fixed through shaft running through the PT, allows the camera to rotate 360° continuously while keeping a payload on top fixed in position, perfect to pair with other detection technologies.  Offered with a proven DRS, 17µm VOx thermal module paired with either a SD or HD video camera featuring a powerful optical zoom lens allowing the operator to detect and zoom into the area of interest.  The Jeager can easily be integrated wtihin a larger security infrastructure and is the perfect partner for supporting other technologies with top mounting allowing obstruction-free detection.

  • HD or SD video cameras with powerful optical zoom lens
  • Uncooled 9 degree 35mm thermal imaging camera
  • Simultaneous thermal and video output
  • IP or HD-SDI options
  • One mast solution
  • Optical encoder ensures system retains position
  • Nearly zero backlash
  • IP67 ruggedized and housed within a hard anodized aluminum casing
  • 360° continuous rotation
  • 45° per second pan speed


Perimeter Security

  • Centralized security systems
  • Detects perimeter breaches
  • Day and night observation

Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • Full coverage of large plants
  • Paired with analytics can be customized for specific challenges
  • Compact and discreet

Transportation Hubs

  • ​Detect activity around critical areas
  • Day and night sensing capabilities
  • 24/7 detection


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