Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.


Mid to long range Pan tilt thermal and visible camera system

The Osiris is a ready-to-go surveillance solution for your security needs with a human detection range up to 5.3km and vehicle detection range up to 6.8km, making it perfect for mid-range surveillance applications.  Mounted on the Osiris PT platform, the cameras are able to scan the targets with incredible accuracy.


The Osiris is offered with both a proven DRS, 17µm VOx thermal module twinned with either an SD or HD video camera featuring a powerful optical zoom lens allowing the operator to both detect and then zoom into an area of interest.  Optical encoders ensure positional accuracy and are paired with a self-correction system that will automatically keep the camera in the desired position.  

The unit provides absolute positioning feedback so it can be easily integrated into a larger security infrastructure and combined with other detection systems.  

  • HD or SD video camera with powerful optical zoom lens up to 30:1
  • Uncooled 9°
  • 35mm thermal imaging camera
  • IP or HD-SDI options
  • Both thermal and video outputs are provided simultaneously
  • IP67 environmental protection
  • Housed within a hard anodised aluminum casing and powder coated
  • Up to 100 degrees per second pan speed (subject to payload)
  • Self correction positioning system
  • Low backlash belt drive
  • User friendly OSD menu structure


Perimeter Security

  • Centralized security systems
  • Detects perimeter breaches
  • Day and night observation

Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • ​Full coverage of large plants
  • Paired with analytics can be customized for specific challenges
  • Compact and discreet

Government & Military

  • Detect activity around critical areas
  • Day and night sensing capabilities
  • 24/7 detection


Part Number
Visible Camera
Thermal Resolution
Thermal Lens (HFOV)
Thermal Frame Rate
HD 30x CZ 4.3-129mm
640x480 17μm
26-105mm Lens (5.9-25.3°)
HD 30x CZ 4.3-129mm
640x480 17μm
25-150mm (4.1-25.4°)
HD 30x CZ 4.3-129mm
640x480 17μm
25-225mm (2.8-22.3°)
HD 30x CZ 4.3-129mm
640x480 12μm
25-150mm (3.0-17.5°)
HD 30x CZ 4.3-129mm
640x480 12μm
25-225mm (2.0-17.5°)
HD 30x CZ 4.3-129mm
640x480 12μm
40-300mm (1.5-11.0°)
HD 30x CZ 4.3-129mm
640x480 17μm
50mm (12.4°)
HD 30x CZ 4.3-129mm
640x480 17μm
65mm (9.6°)
HD 30x CZ 4.3-129mm
640x480 17μm
100mm (6.2°)


Thermal Camera Specifications
Sensor Type Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Pixel size 12μm, 17μm
Spectral band 8-14μm
Thermal sensitivity <50mK
Array format 640x480
Frames rates 30Hz, 60Hz
Image control White hot, Black hot, Invert
Focus Fixed, preset, Athermalised
Zoom E-zoom 1-4, Region of interest
Lens Options 50mm, 65mm, 100mm, 25-150mm, 26-105mm, 25-225mm, 40-300mm
Lens Field of View 12μm 640x480 25-150mm (3.0-17.5°), 25-225mm (2.0-17.5°), 40-300mm (1.5-11.0°)
Lens Field of View 17µm 640 x 480 50mm (12.4°), 65mm (9.6°), 100mm (6.2°), 26-105mm (5.9-25.3°), 25-150mm (4.1-25.4°), 25-225mm (2.8-22.3°)
Mechanical Specifications
Construction Die-cast hard anodised, powder coated aluminium with A4 stainless fittings
Weight 15.2kg / 35.5lb (excluding camera payload, payload capacity 50kg)
Pan rotation limit / speed 360°Continuous / 0.02°to 45°per second
Tilt rotation limit / speed +90°To -90° / 0.02°to 45°per second
Mounting profile Upright / Inverted / Offset
Pan/tilt bearings Sealed for life – no maintenance required
Motor drive Long life toothed polypropylene belt drive, pulleys bonded to keypad shafts for minimum backlash
Environmental rating IP67
Operating temperature range -30°C (-22°F) Up to 65°C (149°F) (-40°C with optional heater)
Mounting Tower mount adaptor, top mount brackets and side mount L brackets
Color/Finish Options White, Black, Tan, and Stainless Steel
Electronics & Software
Optical encoder preset accuracy 0.002°repeatability
Rotational contacts Heavy duty slip rings for power, data, video, switching for washer
Position control Virtually zero backlash with automatic self position correction
Pan Virtually zero backlash with automatic self position correction
Configuration Via web browser
Presets 127x Preset Positions
Tours 16x Preset Tours
Privacy Zones 4
Supported protocols Pelco D, Pelco D Extended, SSP, ONVIF Profile-S
Power requirements 28-32vDC, 0.6A, 16W (excludes heater at 65W) | 28-32vDC, 1.4A, 40W Peak (excludes heater at 65W) | -30°C (-22°F) Up to 65°C (149°F) (-40°C with optional heater)
Additional Features Programmable text within picture (camera ID), parameter control (RS232 or RS485) TCP/IP prepared, compass heading (cardinal point and/or degrees), focal length dependant pan and tilt control
Video Range
Optical Zoom 30x
Digital enlargement 12x (360x with optical zoom)
Image sensors 1/2.8“ CMOS Exmor(2.13MP)
Resolution Approx 3.27 million
Signal system PAL / NTSC
Lens (wide to tele) HD:4.3mm to 129.0mm
Horizontal Field of View 63.7°(W) to 2.32°(T)
Video Performance Color 0.01 lux | Mono 0.0008 lux
Video Output IP &Composite (HD-SDI option)