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Tamron Lenses

Continuous Zoom LWIR Lenses

35-105mm AR Coating

Tamron is a world-leading supplier of industrial and OEM lens assemblies used in virtually every industry around the world. Recently Tamron introduced a family of zoom lenses for LWIR thermal cameras delivering unrivaled value and performance. Sierra-Olympic Technologies has been a keystone customer and partner for Tamron since this introduction of very high performance LWIR zoom lens assemblies for OEM and security/surveillance applications.


Sierra-Olympic Technologies has delivered thousands of infrared zoom lenses since its foundation in 1995.  Addressing all infrared wavelengths in SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR, Sierra-Olympic had developed comprehensive expertise and tools for the evaluation and integration of thermal imaging zoom lenses across almost all large vendors.  Based on this experience, Sierra-Olympic can assure that the Tamron zoom lenses deliver the highest performance in repeatability, athermalization, parfocality, MTF when measured against other thermal zoom lenses. Sierra-Olympic is a stocking distributor making every effort to maintain inventory for fast delivery.  Since we are a keystone customer, we have deep technical experience with the lens having integrated and shipped hundreds of units to customers around the world.

  • Two zoom ranges, 35-105mm and 50-150mm
  • Two lens coating options: HDAR and DLC
  • Continuous, precision athermalization
  • Low power, light weight
  • Standard M34 x 0.5mm thread mount
  • Incredible parfocality (focus through zoom)



Integrated Systems

  • Thermal PTZ Systems
  • Surveillance

Custom OEM Applications

  • Security Systems Integrators
  • Long Range Imaging

Defense Applications

  • Border and Port Security
  • Force Protection


Lens / F#
Lens Type
Lens Coating
Horizontal FOV (17μm 640x480)
Weight (g)
H x W x D (mm)
35-105 DLC
35-105mm, F/1.6
Continuous Zoom
17.1° - 5.9°
130 x 82
35-105 HDAR
35-105mm, F/1.6
Continuous Zoom
17.1° - 5.9°
130 x 82
50-150 DLC
50-150mm, F/1.6
Continuous Zoom
12.4° - 4.2°
164 x 114


Tamron Lens Specifications
Front Element Coating HDAR
Spectral 8-14 μm
F# 1.6
Front Element Sealing IP67
Detector Diagonal 13.9mm
Flange Back Focus Distance 9.7mm
Power Supply 6-12 VDC
Control Asynchronous serial, 0.0/+3.3V logic levels
Available Models
35-105 DLC Diamond Like Coating | Part Number: LVZ353X16N
35-105 HDAR High Damage Anti-Reflective | Part Number: LVZ353X16A
50-150 DLC Diamond Like Coating | Part Number: LVZ503X16N



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