Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.

Quantum Imaging:

High performance, small, low power SWIR VGA Camera

Quantum Imaging’s QI-SCD15-M1 is a small, low power SWIR VGA camera featuring low read noise and a dynamic range in excess of 70dB. A 15umx15um square pixel size provides excellent sensitivity while allowing for compatibility with smaller, less expensive optics. The InGaAs sensor provides extended spectral sensitivity from 0.5um to 1.7um making it compatible with a variety of illumination sources.

Quantum Features


Internal “free running” mode or external trigger configurable

Versatile & Convenient
  • Programmable operation (NUC, AGC, Trigger, ALPD)
  • Camera Link and RS-170 analog output
  • Low read noise of <40 e rms
High Sensitivity
  • Extended spectral response from 0.5um to 1.7um
  • 640×512 resolution, 30-120 fps (29.97FPS in NTSC mode)
  • Snapshot image capture (to avoid rolling shutter artifact)


Standard camera housing or modular (flex configuration) design

Flexible Housing Options
  • Standard camera housing or modular (flex configuration) design
  • Mil-spec environment
  • Flex Configuration adapts to very tight or unusually shaped OEM space claims

Camera Models


Flex Configuration

The QI-SCD15-M1 camera is available in the standard, miniaturized camera housing shown above. Alternatively, the same camera is available in a modular QI-SCD15-FLEX configuration allowing the camera to be used in applications where space claims are tight or unusually shaped.

Export Regulations

The products on this page fall under US Export Laws known as EAR, Export Administration Regulations. The products are controlled items regulated by the Bureau of Industrial Security that might require a license for export. We offer 9 Hz cameras which generally do not require a license for non-military end-use when exported to almost all countries. Cameras which have frame rates >9 Hz generally do require a US Department of Commerce license, except for those countries and applications that qualify for the STA exemption. Please see our Regulations page for more detail.