Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.

Export Regulations & Policies

Export Regulations

Products offered for online sale from the Sierra-Olympic Website are primarily regulated by the Export Administration Regulations, or EAR. The products offered are classified as “controlled items” and have Export Commodity Classification Numbers (ECCNs) as listed below:
  • ECCN 6A003.b.4.b. These cameras have 30 Hz or 60 Hz frame rates, and are offered for sale only to US, EU, NATO and a few other countries under the STA License exception described in 15 CFR 740.20 of the EAR.
  • ECCN 6A993. These cameras have a frame rate of 9 Hz or less, and are available to sale to most international customers. These cameras are covered by the regulations governing the ECCN 6A993 and the General Provisions in 15 CFR 736.2(b) (2). Generally, we cannot ship products to persons (or companies) on the Consolidated Screening List maintained by the US Government, nor to end-users or end-use applications involving chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons.
US customers should understand these rules if they intend to export products out of the country. International customers should understand these rules as they will apply to products received. All customers are required to complete the Certificate of End-use and Export Control document offered below.
We advise customers to understand the issues involved with exporting and re-exporting the products offered on this website.
For definitive information about export of these products, please visit the US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industrial Security website at:
For USA customers purchasing the DRS Tamarisk® M6 ITAR product online, or other ITAR products by normal purchase order, they must understand that itis an ITAR product, and it will require a license for export except in very rare instances. We offer this product ONLY to USA customers. Please visit the US Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) website at:

Export Regulation & Policies Documents:

  1. Certificate of End Use and Export Control - Domestic (PDF)
  2. Certificate of End Use and Export Control - International (PDF)
  3. Sierra-Olympic Export Policies (PDF)
  4. Sierra-Olympic Export Guidelines by ECCN Table (PDF)
  5. Sierra-Olympic Policies for International Customers (PDF)
  6. Requiring Export License (PDF)
  7. Export License Questionnaire (PDF)
  8. Export License Memorandum of Understanding (DOCX)
  9. STA License Exception Consignee Statement (DOCX)
  10. STA Quick Facts (PDF)
  11. BIS-711 document (PDF