Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.


Superior Image Quality in a Compact Package

DRS Technologies' Tamarisk® uncooled thermal imaging camera modules offer superior image quality in a compact Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) optimized package. With a patented advanced-absorber microbolometer superstructure, the Tamarisk® family of camera modules provides greater sensitivity and superior image quality at an affordable price.

Regardless of lighting conditions, Tamarisk® camera modules produce crystal-clear imagery day and night through smoke, dust, haze, and fog.

Tamarisk®640 Features

System Features
  • Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE™)
  • 24-bit RGB output via Camera Link®
  • Integrated shutter for flat field correction
  • 17 um pixel pitch
  • 10 athermalized lens options
  • Horizontal FOV from 90° to 6°
High Performance LWIR
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Small size, weight and power (SWaP)
  • Uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) detector

Camera Models

  • Tamarisk®640
    9 Hz Models
  • Tamarisk®640
    30 Hz Models
  • Tamarisk®-R 320
    60 Hz Models
  • Tamarisk®-R 320
    9 Hz Models
  • Tamarisk®320
    60 Hz Models
  • Tamarisk®320
    9 Hz Models

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF09, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA9-9

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF12, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA12-9

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF17, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA17-9

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF24, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA2-9

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF37, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA3-9

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF44, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA4-9

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF50, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA50-9

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF70, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA70-9

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF90, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA7-9

Tamarisk 640 FB, NL12 Cal, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XN12-9

Tamarisk 640 FB, NL24 Cal, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XN2-9

Tamarisk 640 FB, NL37 Cal, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XN3-9

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF09, 30Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA9

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF12, 30Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA12

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF17, 30Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA17

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF24, 30Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA2

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF37, 30Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA3

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF44, 30Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA4

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF50, 30Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA50

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF70, 30Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA70

Tamarisk 640 FB, AF90, 30Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XA7

Tamarisk 640 FB, NL09 Cal, 30Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XN3

Tamarisk 640 FB, NL12 Cal, 30Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XN12

Tamarisk 640 FB, NL24 Cal, 30Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T6XN2

Tamarisk-R 320 FB, AF40, 60Hz, NTSC/PAL D-TR3XA40

Tamarisk-R 320 FB, AF24, 60Hz, NTSC/PAL D-TR3XA24

Tamarisk-R 320 FB, AF9, 60Hz, NTSC/PAL D-TR3XA09

Tamarisk-R 320 FB, AF40, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-TR3XA40-9

Tamarisk-R 320 FB, AF24, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-TR3XA24-9

Tamarisk-R 320 FB, AF9, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-TR3XA09-9

Tamarisk 320 FB, MF9, 60Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XM9

Tamarisk 320 FB, MF15, 60Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XM15

Tamarisk 320 FB, MF27, 60Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XM27

Tamarisk 320 FB, MF40, 60Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XM4

Tamarisk 320 FB, AF6, 60Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XA6

Tamarisk 320 FB, AF9, 60Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XA9

Tamarisk 320 FB, AF16, 60Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XA16

Tamarisk 320 FB, AF24, 60Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XA24

Tamarisk 320 FB, AF42, 60Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XA42

Tamarisk 320 FB, AF60, 60Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XA60

Tamarisk 320 FB, AF90, 60Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XA90

Tamarisk 320 FB, NL24 Cal, 60Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XN4

Tamarisk 320 FB, NL40 Cal, 60Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XN4

Tamarisk 320 FB, MF9, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XM9-9

Tamarisk 320 FB, MF15, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XM15-9

Tamarisk 320 FB, MF27, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XM27-9

Tamarisk 320 FB, MF40, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XM4-9

Tamarisk 320 FB, AF6, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XA6-9

Tamarisk 320 FB, AF9, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XA9-9

Tamarisk 320 FB, AF16, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XA16-9

Tamarisk 320 FB, AF24, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XA24-9

Tamarisk 320 FB, AF42, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XA42-9

Tamarisk 320 FB, AF60, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XA60-9

Tamarisk 320 FB, AF90, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XA90-9

Tamarisk 320 FB, NL24 Cal, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XN4-9

Tamarisk 320 FB, NL40 Cal, 9Hz, NTSC/PAL D-T3XN4-9