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Tamron Lenses:

High performance LWIR zoom lens assemblies

Tamron's new family of zoom lenses for LWIR thermal cameras delivers unrivaled value and performance. Available in two zoom ranges, 35-105mm and 50-150mm, these lenses assemblies offer incredible parfocality and are perfect for OEM as well as security & surveillance applications. Tamron zoom lenses deliver the highest performance in repeatability, athermalization, parfocality, MTF when measured against other thermal zoom lenses.

Tamron Features

Versatile Optics
  • Two zoom ranges, 35-105mm and 50-150mm
  • Incredible parfocality (focus through zoom)
High Performance Athermalization
  • Low power, light weight
  • Continuous, precision athermalization
Environmental Features
  • Standard M34 x 0.5mm thread mount
  • Front Element Sealing is rated IP67

Camera Models

  • Tamron

Tamron Lenses

About Tamron

Tamron is a world-leading supplier of industrial and OEM lens assemblies used in virtually every industry around the world. Recently Tamron introduced a family of zoom lenses for LWIR thermal cameras delivering unrivaled value and performance. Sierra-Olympic Technologies is proud to be a keystone customer and partner for Tamron since this introduction of LWIR zoom lens assemblies.

Stocking Distributor

Sierra-Olympic Technologies has delivered thousands of infrared zoom lenses since its founding in 1995. Addressing all infrared wavelengths in SWIR, MWIR and LWIR, they have developed comprehensive expertise and tools for the evaluation and integration of thermal imaging zoom lenses across most large vendors. With this experience, Sierra-Olympic can assure the Tamron zoom lenses deliver unrivaled value and performance.