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Image Definition

320 x 240 Resolution versus 640 x 480 Resolution

More pixels is better, or so one would think from the current cameras on your smartphone.  But we in the thermal imaging world have far fewer pixels, and worse yet, strange Germanium optics, so you should understand when and how this will impact your work.  While some companies even sell 80 x 60 arrays, we insist on 320 x 240 and up.  Compare our Resolution video and then review our Field-of-View video to gain a better understanding of the resolution issues.


While we are tackling simple topics here, it is really very complex.  We can speak of instantaneous field of view (IFOV), horizontal field of view (HFOV), ground sample distance (GSD), and modulation transfer function (MTF) amongst our in-house infrared nerds, but it all boils down to resolution and pretty pictures.  Visit our FAQ page for more detail.