Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.


VINDEN CZ The First Intelligent LWIR Continuous Zoom Thermal Imager

Sierra-Olympic’s Vinden CZ, is a ready-to-use, continuous optical zoom thermal imager that exceeds the capabilities of other cooled MWIR zoom cameras. Intended for OEM customers needing a continuous zoom chassis camera for integration, the Vinden CZ offers advanced image processing with 3X optical zoom and 4X digital zoom.

Vinden Features


Tightly integrated camera / lens / processor design.

Controls & Commands
  • Continuous zoom imager designed for OEM integration
  • Multiple HDR image display modes
  • Scene-based auto-focus


Choose standard analog NTSC/PAL video with standard serial control functions, or streaming video in H.264/MJHPEG format and Ethernet control.

Technical Specifications
  • 17.7°H x 13.3V° to 5.9°H x 4.5°V in 640x480
  • Analog Output: NTSC or PAL
  • Digital Output: 14-bit CameraLink

Camera Control

Full command set, stand-alone imaging panel.


Ethernet compatible – UDP camera control, H.264/MJPEG IP-video streaming

Electronics & Video
  • Electronic stabilization, local area processing, adaptive histogram
  • Ethernet compatible – UDP camera control, H.264/MJPEG IP-video streaming
  • Non-ITAR design

Camera Models

  • Vinden CZ 640x480
  • Vinden Accessories

Vinden 105 EX 640x480

Vinden 150 EX 640x480

Vinden 105 Core 640x480

Vinden 150 Core 640x480

FrameLink Express/34 SL-AT-02-013

FrameLink Express/54 SL-AT-02-012

FrameLink Express PCIe SL-AT-02-014

2 Meter cable set for Vinden CZ Break-out connector board SL-VNA-003

Vinden CZ Break-out Connector Board SL-VNA-002

Vinden Pico-blade Cable Set SL-VNA-001


  • Field of View
  • Frame Rate
  • Resolution

With a 12X zoom factor for 640 x 480, Vinden CZ offers thermal imaging users an affordable and effective thermal zoom chassis camera.


All versions are available with 9Hz frame rates for easy export to virtually any customer worldwide.


When you need a camera rather than a meager array of elements to image blobs, turn to the Vinden camera. Vinden offers 640 x 480 resolution at the lowest cost per pixel.



The Vinden CZ is constructed for rugged installations with an extended operating temperature range. With no cooler, and with a long-life optic, customers can expect extended use without the hassles of expensive planned maintenance associated with cooled LWIR systems and zoom optics.

Export Regulations

This Vinden product is a controlled item under EAR, and has a ECCN of 6A003.b.4.b. Customer orders for Vinden 60 HZ and 30 HZ products will only be accepted from the STA-countries (see Regulations) for non-military end-use and for end-use in the country of purchase. If you have a military application, or intend upon re-exporting the product to a different country, a US Department of Commerce license will be required. Please read SOTI’s EXPORT GUIDELINES regarding the licensing of products. Please consider 9Hz products for ease of export.