Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.


VINDEN CZ The First Intelligent LWIR Continuous Zoom Thermal Imager

Sierra-Olympic’s Vinden CZ, is a ready-to-use, continuous optical zoom thermal imager that exceeds the capabilities of other cooled MWIR zoom cameras. Intended for OEM customers needing a continuous zoom chassis camera for integration, the Vinden CZ offers advanced image processing with 3X optical zoom and 4X digital zoom.

Vinden Features


Tightly integrated camera / lens / processor design.

Controls & Commands
  • Continuous zoom imager designed for OEM integration
  • Multiple HDR image display modes
  • Scene-based auto-focus


Choose standard analog NTSC/PAL video with standard serial control functions, or streaming video in H.264/MJHPEG format and Ethernet control.

Technical Specifications
  • 17.7°H x 13.3V° to 5.9°H x 4.5°V in 640x480
  • Analog Output: NTSC or PAL
  • Digital Output: 14-bit CameraLink

Camera Control

Full command set, stand-alone imaging panel.


Ethernet compatible – UDP camera control, H.264/MJPEG IP-video streaming

Electronics & Video
  • Electronic stabilization, local area processing, adaptive histogram
  • Ethernet compatible – UDP camera control, H.264/MJPEG IP-video streaming
  • Non-ITAR design

Camera Models

  • Vinden Models


The Vinden CZ is constructed for rugged installations with an extended operating temperature range. With no cooler, and with a long-life optic, customers can expect extended use without the hassles of expensive planned maintenance associated with cooled LWIR systems and zoom optics.

Export Regulations

This Vinden product is a controlled item under EAR, and has a ECCN of 6A003.b.4.b. Customer orders for Vinden 60 HZ and 30 HZ products will only be accepted from the STA-countries (see Regulations) for non-military end-use and for end-use in the country of purchase. If you have a military application, or intend upon re-exporting the product to a different country, a US Department of Commerce license will be required. Please read SOTI’s EXPORT GUIDELINES regarding the licensing of products. Please consider 9Hz products for ease of export.